The Story of Gambling

Gambling is a topic I would not touch with a ten-foot pole, for very personal reasons.

But after yesterday, I thought I had to.

I was just with a female friend, enjoying spending time with her, when she nonchalantly mentioned that she was still at it – that she gamble in the office and that she was almost always on the computer gambling. When I asked her about it, she said it was no different than sitting at home and playing in her easy chair. Then she was telling a story about her best friend. When I asked about this, she bee thought about it for a moment then reluctantly admitted that yes, she did gamble in the office.

I alluded that perhaps I should ask her some questions, just to gain a better understanding of her habits. After a little brainstorming I told her that perhaps I could arrange a sit at her favorite casino table and that I would pick up her order, and that I would gamble with her there. She thought this was a fantastic idea, but construction workers were not paid with cash but withonies, and she did not want to spend the money, but knew she could get it back again.

I played with her for a while and then explained that there was no money exchanged. I offered to get her some money from her employer so she could gamble with it. She was thrilled at the idea of me being her patsie andally got hot under the collar with both of us. We got to the casino and I spent my while gambling and her wondering how much I was spending. We got some lunch in there and I reminded her that we were there to have fun. She told me that she did not have any money so she could not gamble. I could not wait to tell her that if she did not want to gamble with me, I did not want to play with her. I loved that story. If only she had listened to me.

After we got back to our bench and reversed our positions, I could see she was getting the message. I Hope her colleagues could also spread the word as I did. I deposited a few bucks in the machine and started spending more time with her. I thought about all the times we had gone to the casino together and how we had both spent a little pocket change. I even traded a few instructions of how to play a little slot machine for a couple of bucks, a game I had no stake in.

Once she had the money in the slot machine, her mind was pure adventure. She wanted to play loose to see how far she could go with no consequence. mainstream Las Vegas got a lot of attention and started building its own reputation as a hub for casino gamblers. Las Vegas was building shops and casinos to extent of its commercial area and amusements to its tourists. She went to the next casino over town and started playing in the slot machines.

Then the local news ran a story about the Dominobet party fundraiser. It was a $10,000 Benefit For Katrina Relief. Every week there were phone calls offering their services, whether it was publicity for their own business or not. Several people offered to donate their time/ talent to help with the relief effort and one of them was Chris Moneymaker, who had created a game show originally for television, but grew successfully and was later immortalized as a reality show host.

This lead to a terrific rise in the fundraising for the relief effort and, believe it or not, turned the city of Las Vegas into a success. Consequently, people were willing to help one another in need. There were articles in the New York Times, “Widowing”, “Saving Their Own Ways”, “Billionaire Boys” and others, talking about the operations and financing of these type of organizations. Eventually there was even a newspaper produced in Las Vegas, the first in the city of its kind, which chronicled the successes and failures of various relief efforts.